Dedication at PoST

Entry into our Tradition occurs only through the ritual of dedication. A postulant may ask for dedication to any Priestess or Priest of TCS/PoST, in case he or she is able to dedicate, he or she will decide whether or not to accept the request.

The minimum period of dedication at TCS/PoST is one year and one day. We do not recognize self-initiates or initiates of other traditions, after all, however great a person’s experiences, he or she will not know our ways until she/he has gone through them.

Our period of dedication is marked by a series of trainings aimed at the magical and personal development of the dedicant. From a magical point of view, our dedicant will learn the following subjects, among others:

  • History and beliefs of witchcraft and Wicca;
    • Wiccan Traditions;
    • The Goddess and her faces;
    • The God and his faces;
    • Altars and magic intruments;
    • Celebrations of Esbats and Sabbats;
  • Laws of Magic;
    • Pantheons from various countries and regions;
    • Introduction to shamanism and shamanic magic;
    • Introduction to Dragon Magick;
    • Introduction to Kahuna, Kabbalistic, ceremonial and ritual magic;
    • Divination techniques;
    • Introduction to Tarot, Runes, Scrying;
    • Magical use of herbs, stones, perfumes, incense, metals, etc .;
    • Preparation and use of potions, filters, talismans, oils, etc .;
    • Studies on the chakras and psychic channels;
    • Planet energy lines and their uses.

Our tradition also emphasizes the practical magical training of the dedicant. In our magical training, the dedicants will do exercises and practices of:

  • Techniques of breathing, meditation, visualization and concentration;
    • In-depth contact with the elements;
    • Techniques of absorption, directing and accumulation of energy;
    • Uses of magical instruments;
    • Magic and psychic defense;
    • Magic and psychic attack;
    • Identification of magical attacks;
    • Development of psychic abilities;
    • Temporal and climatic magic;
    • Opening of portals;
    • Dream manipulation.

The great rule that distinguishes a good magician is to know oneself and the work of self- knowledge in our tradition is the center of the training of the dedicant. Through practices and guidelines, the dedicant will be led to know his/her essence and to strengthen it, seeking integration with his/her shadow.

Throughout these processes, the dedicant will also learn the methods of TCS/POST,  our ritual and celebration forms, living the wheel of the year as we understand it.

At the end of this period, the dedicant person may request the initiation and be evaluated for it.

In the TCS/POST an initiatory oath of service to the Gods is made and this should not be done lightly. Also, initiation is when we submit to the Threefold Law and assume our commitment to the Dogma of Art of the Wise.


Naelyan Wyvern é a fundadora e Alta Sacerdotisa da Tradição Caminhos das Sombras.

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